San Francisco Peaks

News Items

2012-02-17, Howard Shanker Radio Interview (listen)

2012-01-09, Save the Peaks Coalition V. USFS - 9th Circuit Court Oral Arguments.


2007-12-18, Legal battle to protect sacred Peaks goes to Pasadena (Read)
2007-12-07, Snowmaking V. Spirituality (Read)
2007-06-08, Tribes Invoke Gods to Block Wastewater Snowmaking (Read)
2007-04-16, Navajo Nation Honors Howard Shanker (Read)
2007-03-27, Tribes, activists gather in celebration of the Peaks (Read)
2007-03-16, Appeals court rules to protect sacred peaks (Read)
2007-03-14, Court says no to wastewater snow (Read)
2007-03-14, No fake snow at Snowbowl (Read)
2007-03-13, Court blocks effluent on sacred peaks (Read)
2007-03-13, Court: No Fake Snow at Sacred Peak (Read)
2007-03-13, No fake snow at sacred Ariz. peak, court rules (Read)
2007-03-12, Press Conference Photos after Ninth Circuit Decision (View 1, 2, 3, 4)
2006-09-15, Hundreds show support for Native American Sacred Site (Read)
2006-09-15, San Francisco Peaks (Read)
2006-09-14, Tribal reps at hearing (Read)
2006-09-14, Howard Shanker on Ninth Circuit steps with Joe Shirley, Jr. (President of the Navajo Nation); Lawrence Morgan (Speaker of the Navajo Nation Council) and other Tribal leaders (View)
2006-09-14, Native Americans & environmentalists fight to preserve (Read)
2006-09-14, Navajos leave San Francisco Federal courthouse... (Read)
2006-09-14, Howard Shanker, President Joe Shirley, Jr., Lawrence Morgan, and Miss Navajo Nation on the Ninth Circuit steps (View)
2006-09-14, Howard Shanker, President Joe Shirley, Jr., Lawrence Morgan, and other tribal leaders on the Ninth Circuit steps(View)
2006-09-14, Howard Shanker and the Tribal leaders addressing the protesters on the Ninth Circuit steps(View)
2006-09-14, March through the streets of San Francisco to the Ninth Circuit Court Building(View)
2006-12-20, Wastewater renewal needed discussion (Read)
2006-11-01, A Plan to Conserve Water Resources (Read)
2006-09-01, Big Cost for a Bad Idea (Read)
2006-07-01, Snowmaking, Wastewater & Human Health (Read)
2006-09-12, Navajo Nation to appeal decision (Read)
2006-09-12, Indians say AZ ski resort desecrates their sacred mtn. (Read)
2006-08-23, Snowmaking goes to 9th circuit court (Read)
2006-08-23, Tribes & Environmental Groups Unified... (Read)
2006-02-27, Navajo Nation files appeal... (Read)
2006-01-20, Religious Freedom and Restoration Act tested (Read)
2006-01-12, Navajo battle ski resort over sacred mountain (Read)
2005-12-10, Lawsuit straining Babbitt's rapport with tribes (Read)

Case Documents

2009-10-20, NEPA Opposition to Motion to transfer case to Hon. Rosenblatt (Read)
2009-10-16, NEPA Defense Motion to transfer case to Hon. Rosenblatt (Read)
2009-09-21, NEPA Complaint to US District Court (Read)
2009-09-21, Motion for TRO (Read)
2007-12-11, Audio from 9th Circuit En Banc Hearing (Listen)
2007-03-12, Ninth Circuit Peaks Decision (Read)
2006-09-14, Audio from the Ninth Circuit oral argument (Listen)

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