Did you Know?

There are children of all ages
who are legally free to be adopted and are
waiting for their “Forever Family” right here in
the State of Arizona.

The Shanker Law Firm Services

The Shanker Law Firm is a Full Service Adoption and Guardianship Firm Representing the Diverse Needs of Individuals & Families Statewide:

Foster Parents/Kinship Adoptions

  • Representation of licensed and unlicensed foster parents and kinship families in Department of Child Safety (DCS) related adoption matters.

(*Firm accepts DES Subsidy “Reimbursement of Non-Recurring Funds” as full and final payment for all legal services and costs related to the adoption of a Foster Child.)

Out-of-State Placements

    • Assisting out-of-state families adopting children who are wards of the state of Arizona; providing legal representation to Arizona residents who are adopting children placed in Arizona by another state through an ICPC* agreement; private placement  ICPC* Adoptions.

(*Interstate Compact for the Placement of Children)

Adoptions and Guardianships

  • Representing family members seeking private adoption or guardianship of their minor relatives; or permanent placement through the Child Welfare system.
  • Representation of family members or other interested persons seeking guardianship of an incapacitated adult (17.5 years & older).

Private Individuals and Couples

  • Representing Individuals and Private Couples in their desire to adopt through direct placement of a child. Guidance, legal counseling and representation through the labyrinth of the private adoption process. . . from Certification – Temporary Custody / Placement – to Finalization of the Adoption.

Indian Child Welfare Act (ICWA)

  • Assuring compliance with state and federal ICWA requirements in state court custody proceedings.

Adult Adoptions

    • Representing adult person(s) who wish to pursue adoption of another *eligible adult (*current or previous stepchild, niece, nephew, cousin or grandchild; or former foster placement).  

Step Parents

  • Full representation in both contested and uncontested matters. Services inclusive of obtaining birth parent(s) direct consents; or if needed, filing for termination of a birth parent(s) rights to legally free a child to be adopted by a step-parent.

Birth Parents

  • Representing Birth Mothers, as well as Birth Fathers, through the difficult yet self-less decision to privately place their child for adoption with a chosen individual or family.
  • Representing Birth Fathers in timely asserting their paternity rights and obligations.

What our families are saying about The Shanker Law Firm:

Heath Tillson
Heath Tillson
The Shanker Law firm did amazing on every step of our adoption and helped out with 100% all of our questions we highly recommend Thanks again Tamera, Karin and Elizabeth.
Native Lette
Native Lette
Heather Wiese
Heather Wiese
Professional and friendly. They are a wonderful team who works great together and also communicated well with all other attorneys and agents we were working with. If you haven’t decided on an attorney to work with look no further this is there law firm for you!
Karen Gretz
Karen Gretz
We've trusted The Shanker Law Firm with all 3 of our adoptions. They make it so easy! The office staff is super quick on communication and walked us through the process seamlessly. The best part is Tamara got in our Unicorn adoption theme, and even got the judge a shirt, which he even wore!! It was awesome!!
Linda Ochs
Linda Ochs
Tamera Shanker and her entire staff work as an amazing team! They are all extremely knowledgeable, competent, professional and caring. The entire operation is totally transparent and the lines of communication are wide open. Tamera represented me in the adoption of my granddaughter. Her knowledge of the legal requirements assured that all "T's" were crossed and "I's" dotted making the entire process worry free. In addition, her rates are very reasonable and in some cases, such as mine, is willing to work with the family. In summary, The Shanker Law Firm is all about the kids: uniting families with the children they love.
Joy Forsyth
Joy Forsyth
The man we spoke to was quite helpful.
Jessica McKinnon
Jessica McKinnon
Tamera and her team are outstanding to work with! They walk clients through the legal process in such caring ways. I knew when I first spoke with her she would be the attorney we needed the most in an extremely important part of our lives. If you are adopting a child you are a blessing as well as that child and to have a legal team that understands and celebrates with you, that makes the experience so much better! I highly recommend The Shanker Law Firm! Thank you team!
Russell Dean Harris
Russell Dean Harris
Best lawyers. Hire them!
Lupe German
Lupe German
Tamara was very resourceful in helping us in adopting our daughter. She went above and beyond to get all information needed and was very clear on the instructions. We are grateful for all the help she gave us.
Geremy Kerr
Geremy Kerr
The Shanker Law Firm helped finalize the adoption for our two beautiful daughters. They were extremely fast and courteous to deal with. I would highly recommend them for any legal matters and will be my first call for any such matters if needed in the future.
More About The Shanker Law Firm

The Shanker Law Firm brings together over 45 combined years of legal experience. The Firm provides quality representation to individuals and families state-wide.

The Firm is a dedicated, full service Adoption and Guardianship practice that focuses on comprehensive representation of:

  • Foster Families
  • Kinship Placements
  • Grandparents
  • Blended Families
  • Relatives
  • Private Couples
  • Single Parents
  • Guardians
  • Same-Sex Couples
  • Step-Parents
  • Birth Mothers
  • Birth Fathers


The Shanker Law Firm is committed to building families and forever homes through Adoption and Guardianship

If You Have Any Questions

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