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Tamera is your seasoned Adoption & Guardianship attorney with over 28 years’ adoption / child welfare / guardianship / ICWA experience in Arizona. She is a mom of three, Savta (“grandma”) to two “Tiny Tyrants,” and adopted Mom of “Javier” … the Firm’s First “Office Puppers!”

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Karin is the Firm’s Senior Adoption Paralegal with over 17 years of experience with The Shanker Law Firm. Mom of two and Omi (“grandma”) of two “Schatzis.” Originally from Queens, NY…The Firm’s tough New York cookie with a soft heart!

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Elizabeth, as our Administrative Assistant, is the Firm’s newest addition. Elizabeth is a retired Air Force Vet – a skill set that comes in handy as a mother of two teenage boys, and a seasoned educator with varied public school systems. She is no stranger to the foster care system, having worked with a CASA program in the mid-west prior to “coming home” to Arizona.

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The Extended Team!

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Introducing Kate & Javier, the Firm’s Friendly Four-legged Furry reception committee. They work for treats!

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